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Why do companies need both product managers and product owners?

Product managers and product owners are both crucial roles in the product development process, and each plays a distinct but complementary role in ensuring that a product is successful.

Product managers are responsible for the overall vision and strategy of a product. They define the product roadmap, set priorities, and make strategic decisions about what features should be included in the product. They also work closely with stakeholders, including customers, to understand their needs and ensure that the product is meeting those needs.

On the other hand, product owners are responsible for the day-to-day management of the product. They work closely with the development team to ensure that features are being developed on time and to the necessary quality standards. They also serve as the primary point of contact between the development team and the product manager, providing updates on progress and making recommendations about how to improve the product.

While product managers and product owners have distinct responsibilities, their roles are highly interdependent. Product owners rely on product managers to provide a clear vision and roadmap for the product, while product managers rely on product owners to ensure that the product is being developed and delivered on time and to the necessary quality standards. By working together, product managers and product owners can ensure that a product is successful both in terms of meeting customer needs and achieving business objectives.

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